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Related post: Date: Thu, 2 preteen sex mpgs May 2002 18:57:26 -0700 (PDT) From: this guy Subject: (M/M-Celebrity-BoyBand) Our Song - Chapter 3Disclaimer: preteen cp ilegal Same old stuff you already know. I don't know these guys and this story is entirely fictional. Also, if you aren't old enough quit reading. Blah blah blah blah...and that's what we call a disclaimer.Author's Note: I would just like to thank all of you who have responded to me about my topless 13 preteens story. It gives me the inspiration I preteen nude lesbian need to keep writing. I know there are only two chapters so far (this being the third) but you fucking little preteens guys have been great so far and have been nothing but preteens mpeg porn supportive. Thanks. Also, the offer is still up. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, gripes, complaints, or anything you can possibly fathom, go right ahead and e-mail it to me at . Well that's basically it. I hope you all enjoy chapter number three. Oh, and by the way, I still don't know who I am going to be hooking up for sure, so if you have a good idea, get it to me before next time!! ~-CAT-~Our Song -- Chapter 3 There stood in the dark two figures. forum passes preteen One was tall and the other, quite short preteens litle virgins and scrawny. Everything was dark except for the light that shimmered down upon these two people. Soon they came preteen 13 photos into closer view. Circling and circling, from front to back. Eventually, everything slowed down just as their bodies came into full view, exactly from the front. There was a faint shimmer in the eyes of the boy. It was a crystal blue hue that was unlike any else in the world. These eyes, however, seemed sad. There was something missing, as though a part of the puzzle had yet to be filled in and because of that, this boy was sad. Then the man came into clear view. preteen 14yr porn He had light brown hair, very short, and nothing too distinct about his appearance. His eyes were black, however. A dark void filled with nothing. Soon his eyes filled with color. Sparks flew from his face and a bright light began to shine upon it. His eyes were also blue. They were as angelic and crystal-like as the first, and also just as sad as the child's. Soon a tear streamed from the eyes and fell. There was a sound of glass breaking in the background and the face suddenly became dark again. Justin shot up in his bed, with sweat dripping down his brow. It was all a dream, a nightmare even. Justin sat preteen nymphets nonenude in bed for a moment before rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He searched the dark hotel room for the clock and saw that it was 4 in the morning. teen preteens tgp He decided he might as well get up and threw his feet over the side of his bed. He stood up slowly and walked in to the bathroom. As he turned on the young preteen tits light, he realized that japanese preteen pix his eyes were red and bloodshot. Then he remembered what had happened. Last night, after he was talking to Josh, he kissed him, and preteen none nudes after a moment, JC ran out of the room. Justin simply wondered why he had to topless preteens movie kiss his friend. `I don't even know if I like him.' He thought to himself. `I...I just...' The boy broke into tears again. He covered his face with his hands and slowly leaned against the wall, lowering himself to the ground. Justin cursed himself for every doing sweet dreams preteens that. Not preteen clips only had he angered his friend, but he also managed to confuse himself. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, and then finally there came a knock on the door. Justin preteen celebrity pics had cried himself to sleep again and was awoken by the loud banging coming from the other side of his room. He stood slowly, washed his face in water to cover the redness, and walked towards the door. He peered out through the peephole and saw that it was Lance. He opened the door."Hey Justin." Lance said in a cheerful tone."Um...Hey Scoop, what's up?" Justin said in a monotone voice."Well nothing, you alright?" Lance said with concern in his voice."Sort of. xxx preteen hentai But don't go worrying about me, I already pantyhose preteen paysites cause people enough problems." preteen model galery Replied Justin."Well nude tiny preteens if it's a touchy subject, I guess I will just leave you alone. But the offer is always there in case you want to talk to me about it." Lance offered."Thanks Scoop. Why did you knock?" Asked Justin."Well, I was just reminding you that we needed to be downstairs in the lobby in about an hour blog preteen underage and a half. We have rehearsal for a few hours and then a break little preteen lolly until our performance tonight. Got it?" preteen thumbs videos Lance asked."Sure thing. I won't be late." Justin said as he slowly closed the door to shocking preteen handjobs his room. He walked back across the room towards the bathroom and turned on the shower to hot. He let the water warm up preteen incest images as he took off his clothes, exposing a muscular and toned body in the process. Justin looked in the mirror at his body, as usual. This time, however, it didn't seem the same. Perhaps, he finally realized that no matter how much muscle or strength you have, you will still be weak if you are weak in the heart. At this time in his life, he felt as though he were as weak preteen super nudes as a child. No friends. Not even people to talk porn preteen sites to. Justin turned and walked into the steamy shower and stood under the hot water. The water preteen nudist russian blended with the tears that flowed freely from his eyes. `You need to be strong, Justin. You can't let them see you like this' he thought to himself. He continued to shower for about 20 minutes before finally stepping out and drying off. Justin walked back into the room and began getting dressed, in a tight magazine preteen model red shirt and faded jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch. As he pulled his jeans up and began to fasten his belt, the phone began to ring. Justin walked over to it and picked it up after the third ring."Hello?" He said. There was no response."Hello?" Justin asked again. Still there was nothing. Just as he was about to hang up, Justin heard something. It was distant, but from what he could make out, it was a whimper. Or preteen twat pix at least the sound one makes after crying, and trying to catch a breath. He thought for a moment before dismissing any ideas and hung preteens xxx up the phone. Justin returned to getting dressed and was soon throwing his used clothes back into a suitcase. He checked the room over twice before finally grabbing his cell phone and illegal fucking preteen walking out of the room. Justin made his way towards the elevator, got in, and pressed the button for the first floor. As the elevator began its descent, old fucking preteens it stopped for a moment one the twelfth floor. The doors opened and a teenage girl stepped in. At preteen boy nakid first there was silence between the two, but she soon realized who this young man was. There was some amount of confusion between the two as the elevator continued to move to the ground level. The girl, deciding to preteen nudist magazines take her chances, reached over and hugged Justin. To his surprise he looked down and saw a teenager holding on to his torso. He laughed quietly and hugged her back."Well hi there." He said, with a bit little preteen cute more enthusiasm in fashion preteen n his voice."Hi. Sorry. I. I. Um. hot preteens galliers I just had to." The girl said as she turned a deep red color and covered her face."Don't worry about it. Happens all the time." Justin free preteens passwords said with a slight laugh. The elevator eventually reached the ground level and the two youngsters went their own ways. Justin spotted some of the tour officials and walked in their direction. All of them preteens mpegs were on cell phones, yelling and throwing their hands in the air in a fit of hysteria. Wanting to avoid this, Justin made his way towards the tour bus parked outside instead. The luggage cabins were currently open so Justin threw his suitcases into the one closest to the door. Once finished, he walked up the stair and into the bus. As he video chat preteen got closer to the back of the bus he saw JC. He preteen naturalist hadn't spoken to JC or seen him since the night before. JC left the room, not saying a word and preteen nude list left Justin to cry. preteen bbs place That was all he remembered. He must have fallen asleep or passed out from crying so much. It was all a blur and he didn't know what to do. Finally JC turned around and laid eyes on Justin. There was direct eye contact for a preteen pthc models moment before JC finally turned away and faced his back towards Justin. Seeing this, Justin knew that his friend didn't want to talk to him, not yet anyway. He crawled into preteen nude guestbook his bunk, put on his headphones and drifted to sleep."Justin wake up." A voice said while shaking his shoulder. Justin snapped out of a dream and looked to his right to see Joey. He knew it was time to get ready for rehearsal and nodded at him. Justin stretched for a moment, yawned and rubbed his art photo preteen eyes. He crawled out of the small bunk and walked out of the bus. He was quickly moved into the stadium itself and he saw that the crew was still setting up the stage. The dancers and his band mates were all close to the stage area so Justin decided to walk to them. Soon he found himself on stage practicing indian preteen pussys dance moves that he had been doing for well over a year. teen preteen chat Although touring was always a big deal, none of the men in the group took the dancing portion as the most important thing. To them, they believed barefoot preteen gallery that they needed to establish themselves as a vocal group instead of preteen model jesse a tired pop preteen pics 18 act. That was the goal of this tour. The majority of the songs they were singing emphasized their voices rather than the preteens virgins technical dance moves that had become their trademark. This, however, was no excuse for Justin. He knew he wasn't into it today, and he knew exactly why. The backup dancers and even a few private preteen collation of his own group mates threw him a few odd preteen rompl bbs glances as the rehearsal continued. As they finished the last routine, family preteen nudist Chris walked over to Justin."You alright today, buddy?" Asked Chris."Yeah. I guess I'm just a bit out of it or something. Sorry if I sucked today." cute preteen girls Justin replied."Nah. Don't worry about it. We all have our days." Chris said with a laugh and patted Justin on the back. Justin wished he could have Chris' optimism. As long as they had known each other, Chris was always there to make nudes colombian preteen fun of bad situations and be the clown of the group. preteen upskirt Whenever Justin needed a cheap laugh, he knew just to talk to Chris. But this time, I didn't work. Justin still felt as sad and weak as before. His mind was drifting from thought to preteen boy samples preteen model panty thought and he wandered around aimlessly preteen breast development until about an hour before the show. preteens naked naturals Before every concert there was a massive preteen oral kindersex buffet of food laid out for the dancers, singers, musicians, stage crew, preteens in beach and managers. Justin's mother had always said that a growing boy needed free youngest preteen food, and he wasn't going to disobey her order. He walked over to the long table, grabbed a plate, and piled on as much food as he possibly could. There was everything from chicken to potatoes to sandwiches to fruit on his plate. He sat down at a table near the back of the preteen art bbs room to eat by himself. As Justin was eating, he noticed that JC entered the room. He looked around for a moment before finally spotting Justin. He turned away immediately. JC walked up to the table and only a put a small amount of food on his table. Thinking for a moment, he finally decided sex preteen photo to go and sit at the same boy preteen sex table as Justin. And there they sat for several minutes, in silence. Neither one of the men said a word or looked at each other. But there was still the communication that exists between friends. They both knew that the other wanted to talk, holland nude preteens but they were both too scared to make any sort of move. Finally JC stood up and grabbed Justin tightly by the wrist."Come with me." JC preteen artistic nude said authoritatively as he pulled Justin along. Soon he let go of his wrist and they found an thai preteen galleries empty room to go into. Once inside, JC locked the door behind them."What is this all about?" Justin asked."I. I. Um..." JC managed to say."You what?" Justin said harshly."Look Justin, I'm really sorry about last night." JC said. "I guess I just got surprised and didn't know how to react. I didn't mean to make you feel bad and I didn't know preteen new what else to do. It just all sort of came as a surprise because I didn't think you liked me like that.""'s not your fault. I was too stupid to realize what I was doing." Justin explained while looking down at his merry angels preteen feet."Curly, why don't pre teen whores you look at me in my eyes?" JC asked while lifting Justin's head so that their eyes met." are intimidating." preteens sleeping pics Justin muttered."Intimidating?" JC asked with curiosity."Yeah. I mean, you are like my best friend and everything. Its just...I guess I don't want to lose you." Justin said as preteens stretching videos a single tear fell from his eye."Why would you lose me Justin?" Josh asked, as though worried."I...I just thought you hated me and you never wanted to see me again. And I get fuck preteens thought you were scared of me, or what I did and I just don't know." Justin managed to hot preteen uncensored say as he was now crying in full force."Curly..." JC said as he pulled nn preteen erotica Justin into a tight hug. "Listen to me. No matter what happens, I am always going to be here for you. I thought I already told you that. I don't care if you hate my guts and never want to hear my voice again. I am going to be in your life because you mean too much to me to lose now. Got it?" JC asked. Justin simply nodded his head into JC's shoulder and preteen models asia continued to cry. The embrace was not weakened and preteen jeans nude they stood there for what littl preteen naked seemed like hours. Finally JC pulled away and wiped the tears nude preteen undressing from Justin's face."Are you going to be ok?" JC asked with concern. Justin simply smiled and nodded his outdoor nude preteen head. He wiped the tears ls preteen princess from his eyes and tried to catch his breath. Josh simply watched from a few feet away. He still wasn't sure what to make of the situation."Oh and Justin?" real preteen virgin JC asked."Yeah?" Justin said while looking back up at his friend. JC stepped forward and pulled Justin towards him. Their lips met for a moment before JC's tongue began to press in to Justin's mouth, as though asking for clearance to enter. Justin opened his mouth and allowed JC's tongue to enter. He massaged preteens sexo com it with his own and JC grabbed Justin's head from behind. Their tongues went back into their asian preteens hot mouths, but their lips were still locked in a passionate kiss. Finally JC pulled away and smiled. Justin smiled and leaned in beauty budding preteen for another peck before they finally xxx pedo preteen walked out of the room and got top preteens girls ready for the performance. **Well that preteen lolta bbs is it this bbs preteen zep time. What is going to happen? I don't know. Are they going to nonude preteen topless hook it up? I'm not sure. Why is Justin so damn gorgeous? Because he's Justin, duh lol. I would really appreciate it if you guys wrote back and gave me some response because it makes me want to keep on writing. I hope you all liked this chapter, now that the story is finally starting to develop a little more. I will japanese preteen bikini try and have the next babies porn preteen one out before the end of the weekend. Well...that's all for now. Laterz ~CAT~
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